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internet social game strong


internet social game strong

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Tiny value and framing studies in pencil


Tiny value and framing studies in pencil

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Animated Knight dude.


Animated Knight dude.

via Nate Kling.
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Animated Goblin dude.


Animated Goblin dude.

via Nate Kling.
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I’ve been really struggling with depression for a while. Drawing sad shit makes me feel better!

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David Rappeneau


8.10.14 – 9.7.14


exhibition at QUEER THOUGHTS
1640 W. 18th St. #3
Chicago, IL 60608

opening reception:
8.10.14, 1–4 PM

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Scraps is back.
Temporarily, at least.
Seeing as I’m in London now, and have things to talk about.

Postscript to this comic.
I did this, like, two months ago.  The feelings are in remission.
I was just really nervous about posting it because I:
a. didn’t want people to worry about me
b. didn’t want people to think I was just moaning

Depression kinda hits me every summer and I only really bring it up because it’s helped me, in the past, to see that my peers and idols go through similar motions as me.  And if I can offer someone else that same comfort, then yeah, I’m gonna talk about feeling crap sometimes.  And being scared of everything.

Some happier comics will follow, but there’s a few that deal with the lead up to my traveling to London and the anxieties therein that we have to go through first.

Bear with me, and we’ll see how far this goes.


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Aleksandra Rej(Polish, b.1974)

"Forsycje", z cyklu organika    2005  

"Zima", z cyklu organika     2004   

"Spoza", z cyklu organika   2005  

"Gąszcz", z cyklu organika   2004

olej na płótnie

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The Schoonover Family got some less than awesome news recently. A check up in our attic revealed some major cracks on several rafters on the east and west sides of our house.

Thankfully our insurance will help, but with a wife recently on maternity leave, things are a tad tight around thee old Schoony Studio. So I’ve decided to open up a commission list. Here’s the details.


9x 12 Bristol Board

Full figure with small background elements, plus white highlights

$75 EACH

Artist has right of refusal on any character or subject matter.

Final art shall be delivered 8-10 weeks after purchase.

Here’s some examples of my recent commissions.

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Just saw this amazing comic online: and it reminded me I made this story a few years ago. Videogame are really such a great metaphore for life! :-)

via Bouletcorp.
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relentless FFVI binge

Still the best cast there is

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From a recent trip to Rome

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My process for all the paisley armchair pictures. I sometimes forgot to save iterations regularly, so they’re a bit uneven (especially the blue one).

Sorted in the order they were made.

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Cloud City Beltholder

Pen and inks top one I messed w/ the color for fun

Bottom is the org colors. GOLDDD ERRYWHERE

via /SAPRO/.

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